What Is Atlas?

The first word of the office’s name, Atlas, can conjure up multiple ideas… a Greek god holding up the Earth or a dusty old book in a library with outdated maps. Some of you will think of the first vertebra in the spine! Allow me to connect all of these notions of an atlas for you.

On our journey in life we all get to the point where we need a guide or a map. We need direction. An atlas can do that for you… the importance of a map cannot be understated. It not only shows you where you are, but it also shows you where you have been and where you are going. Remarkable! Think of the certainty that can provide you. Now hold this thought as we go a different direction for a moment.

What if Atlas shrugged? The globe would be in a different position. The entire world would shift. It would go from being in the correct position to askew. Atlas must be in the right position for the world to be right. Now you have two thoughts to hold. On to the final thought.

The Atlas – or C1 – is the top bone in the spine. It’s the guide and protector for the brain stem and spinal cord. It also holds the globe of the skull. It must be in the correct position or a subluxation occurs in the central nervous system and associated tissues, glands and organs. That is a very bad thing!

As your chiropractor, I address the atlas first. It is a special adjustment that few chiropractors utilize in their practice. It is gentle, safe, and amazingly effective at correcting upper cervical subluxations. An easy way to remember this is C1 Atlas First for healthy life. Now release the thoughts I asked you to hold onto.

The Atlas guides the master system of the body, the nervous system, supports the globe of the skull, and is the first, and, in my estimation, the most important vertebrae. You now understand Atlas Chiropractic.