The Connection is Key

Many of you know this already, but I feel compelled today to share some basic but vital knowledge about chiropractic. As a chiropractor, I work with the nervous system. This is the master controlling system in your body. It connects the brain to the rest of the organs, glands, muscles and tissues in your body. It allows for communication to operate normal body functions every second of every day. A healthy nervous system is vital to our function as humans. The problem that we face and that I see every day is there are these things that interfere with your nervous system’s ability to function at its highest potential.

These things are called vertebral subluxations and they are caused by stress that is beyond what we are capable of handling. The stress can be physical, emotional, biochemical or spiritual. It can be from an acute, immediate stress (think car accident) or it can be from a build up over time. Either way, they produce subluxations that inhibit the ability of the nervous system to communicate well. As you just read, it is vital that our nervous system is working well and that any connections aren’t being blocked.

I am so thankful that there is a solution to this very big problem. It is a chiropractic adjustment to correct the subluxation and allow for the body to heal and function the way God intended it to. The connection between the brain and body through the nervous system is key and we must make sure that there is nothing interfering with that connection. I pray this serves as a reminder, encouragement, and education to you and your family today about why it is so important to get checked and what I do as your chiropractor!

Back to School

Starting next Monday, we will have some fun games in the office for everyone to take part in. They are easy, fast and fun, all are themed around Back to School. We will have the games up for the remainder of the month so everyone gets a chance to participate. Also, please share the flyer below with someone you care about it. This is great opportunity for them to come in and get checked for subluxations. Thanks and God bless!

Dr. Evan