Atlas Slique Challenge

We are excited that our Atlas Slique Challenge begins next week on January 15th. And there is still time to sign up! The challenge is 45 days long and there will be prizes for the winners of our challenge. This is a great way to kick start healthy weight management into your lifestyle. If you would like more information about the challenge, please respond to this email and we will be happy to help you.


Many of you who have been with me for a while know that I am a huge UVa sports fan. I especially love football, basketball and baseball. This past weekend, Lauren and I went to the basketball game against the infamous and defending National Champions, UNC Tar Heels. First and foremost, go Hoos! What a great win. The environment was electric and the team was playing at a very high level. While UVa played very efficiently on offense, the defense was tremendous and a thing of beauty.

Excellent defense has always been coach Tony Bennet’s calling card. The defense is called a pack-line style where they pack all five defenders within the three point line to eliminate dribble penetration to the hoop and overall effective inside play. The key, in my opinion, to the success is the communication between the players. They communicate who needs to go where and shift at what time, and when they are unified, it is beautiful to watch. A lot of it comes down to knowing their individual roles and responsibilities on defense and then playing in sync as a unit.

This is exactly how your body works when it is free of vertebral subluxations. The nervous system communicates clearly with the body and the body communicates right back to it. Each individual system is told what to do, how much to do and when to do it, allowing your body as a whole to function well. When there is an interference to that communication, everything falls apart. That is what happens when a basketball defense isn’t communicating well and they give up an easy dunk. It’s the same thing that happens in your body when you have interferences in your nervous system. You can rest assured that keeping your nervous system healthy and clear to communicate will allow for your best defense in keeping your body healthy and vibrant.

Be sure to get checked this week to make sure your nervous system is ready to play its best defense!

God bless,

Dr. Evan

Special Hours This Week

Please make note that our office will be closed this Friday, January 12th and plan your office visit accordingly. We will resume regular business hours next week.