Out of Place

What a week it has been in Central Virginia with all these weather changes. Snow on Monday, cool through the week, 80 degrees over the weekend then thunderstorms and a tornado on Sunday night. I have always told people that are unfamiliar with this region that you get to experience all the seasons here. I can now say that if you visit at the right time, you might experience all four seasons in a week! 🙂

Yesterday when we were in the office, a patient walked in the door and there was a massive gust of wind that blew through the door and made the foam tiles in our office ceiling shake violently. One of the tiles shook so hard that it slipped out of place. I had never seen anything like that in my six plus years of being at Atlas. So the result was this tile that looked odd and out of place compared to all the others. One of my patients who saw it said, “Aren’t you going to shift it back in place?” I responded, “Not yet.” I wanted people to see it because I think it’s a great visual of what a subluxation practically looks like in your spine and nervous system.

The function of this tile on the ceiling is to PROTECT us who are below from things falling down. When it gets shifted out of place it loses its full ability to function in its job. It isn’t completely out of its space to where it has no function, but the function is diminished and won’t work the way it was intended to. This is exactly what happens when your vertebrae are out of alignment and put pressure on your nervous system. It will continue to not function in its job until it is put back in place. The ceiling tile needed its own ADJUSTMENT just like your spine and nervous system do.

God bless!

Dr. Evan