March Reflections

March Madness Has Finished
I hope that you all had such a wonderful time this month with our third annual March Madness event at Atlas. We always have so much putting it on. Thank you to all our friends that donated such great prizes for us to give away. I know we have had some great prizes in the past but I think these were the best set of prizes we have ever had! The winners have been contacted already or will be told when they come in this week for their appointment. Thank you as well for referring your friends and family to the Final Four. We had our biggest new patient week ever last week and we know that is in large part to each of you, as eighty percent of them came as a result of your referrals. They mean so much to us and we are very grateful for your vote of confidence with us. Lastly, thanks for having such a fun time with us. This is always my favorite event of the year so thank you for playing along and being with us!

Hannah Turned One!
Many of you know that Hannah had a birthday last week on March 27th. It truly is amazing how fast time goes by! I remember that first moment I saw her and how sweet she looked. She is certainly a joy for Lauren and me, and everyone she meets. This has been a great first year for us. We appreciate everyone’s kind words about her and constant prayer for her development as a sweet girl. We are so grateful to have you all in our lives. Hopefully this year, you guys will see her more and more in the office. She needs a bigger space to run around since she is walking all over the place now!


Happy Easter!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with friends and family this past Sunday! Easter is my favorite day of the year! What were your favorite memories from Easter this year? Mine was definitely getting to see our sweet Hannah walking around the church lobby in her cute Easter dress!