Happy Thanksgiving


Many of you have seen and written on our Gratitude chalkboard in our office this month. We have done this before, asking you to write something you are grateful for, and it’s one of my favorite things to see in action. Every single person that takes time to think about what’s on their heart and then write it out is a moment of joy for me to see. I know it brings you all joy too. Expressing our gratitude is something I encourage us to all do on a daily basis. The purpose is for you to express it and really feel that thankfulness deep down inside. I am proud of everyone that wrote what they are grateful for on the board and I pray that you will carry this practice out into a daily action!

As Thanksgiving approaches in a just a few short days, I would like to know from you all what you are looking forward to most this holiday. Who are you having Thanksgiving with? What is your favorite thing to eat? What thing do you do on Thanksgiving that feels unique to your family? Please reply to our email and let us know. I pray that everyone has an amazing time with family and friends. You are loved so very much by all of us at Atlas Chiropractic. Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless!

Dr. Evan

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Wellness Workshops

Tuesday, November 28th: For the first time ever, we are doing our wellness workshop from your living room! That’s right, all you need to do is watch the workshop on our Facebook page. We will be doing a 30 minute Facebook Live class on NingXia Red. If you already “like” and follow our page Atlas Chiropractic then you will be able to just click on it and watch from your tablet, phone or computer. If you don’t already “like” our Atlas Chiropractic page, make sure you do so you can watch the presentation next week.