What To Expect From Chiropractic Care

On your first visit you will have a consultation with Dr. Durrer, a thermograph and an EMG scan, a foot scan, and your first adjustment.  At your follow-up appointment you will have a report of findings consultation with Dr. Durrer in regards to the care plan he recommends for you.

“Why do you offer these plans to people?”

It is my responsibility to have a plan for your care. That is a requirement that my license mandates I provide for the patient. There must be a course of action. “Without vision, the people perish.” My own interpretation of this is, “Without a plan, the body perishes.” I create a plan based on my experience, the patient’s expectations, and the health status of the individual. I also used Applied Kinesiology to help narrow down the visit frequency and timeframe of the care plan. If you would like to know more about how I develop your care plan, just ask on your next visit.

“What is the purpose of the care plan?”

The purpose is to give your body the best opportunity to heal and function with as little subluxation interference to your nervous system as possible. Have you ever learned something new? How hard is it the first few times you do it?

I have a patient who’s an avid golfer. He decided to change his swing. For the next few months, his game was ruined. He played the worst golf of his life. But with time, he learned a new way, a better way. Now he is playing the best golf of his life and doing it pain-free. His old way was neurologically engrained in his body. It was a habit.

Your old way of walking, thinking, carrying yourself, eating, moving, living, and working all change when you are under corrective acre. It takes time to learn a new way of doing all these things! There is no magic pill to health or healing.

“Why don’t you accept insurance?”

Quite simply, I care about you, not your insurance company’s idea of what they think you need for your care or how much they believe my service is worth. I refuse to let a third party interfere with and dictate your care. I know what’s best for you because I know you. The insurance companies are concerned about only one thing: profit. In addition, they don’t understand that correction isn’t just getting you out of pain.

Insurance companies do not have an obligation to correct your problems. Their “responsibility” to you as a policyholder is to meet the minimums of your policy. Simply stated, if you hurt, they give you something so you don’t hurt. That alone does not fix the problem!