Consistency is Key

Being a first-time dad of a daughter that is 14 months old, I am seeing first-hand the importance of consistency. Hannah thrives when things are consistent for her. Especially her nap time. I remember scrambling to ask my patients and friends who had little ones about what they thought was one of the most important things for having a happy, healthy baby. Almost everyone mentioned consistent nap and sleep time. They are correct because the days when Hannah gets her naps at different times it throws off her whole demeanor and effects the rest of her sleep that day. The lack of consistency makes it more challenging to get back into the rhythms that the body, especially a young one, craves.

The same is true for your body when it comes to your health. Your body craves daily movement, good nourishment and most importantly a healthy, vibrant nervous system. Making sure your nervous system is happy and healthy is a result of having great alignment in your spine with chiropractic adjustments. The more consistent and regularly you get adjusted and give your body its best chance to function and heal, the happier and healthier you will be. Your body craves consistency. Make sure through the early summer months that you stay focused and consistent with your chiropractic adjustments. This will keep you well for the busy summer months of travel, outside work and leisure.

God bless!

Dr. Evan



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