Wellness Workshops in December Essential Oils 101: Tonight, Lauren and Hannah will be leading an introductory workshop on Young Living Essential Oils. This is a great workshop for people new to oils all the way up to oil masters who want to glean more knowledge from Lauren. The workshop starts at 6:15 and space is Read More »

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Ours was truly a special one. This was Hannah’s first Thanksgiving and we got to spend time with both sides of the family. Seeing everyone smile and laugh with her was definitely my favorite part of the weekend! I hope yours was wonderful too and I pray Read More »

  Many of you have seen and written on our Gratitude chalkboard in our office this month. We have done this before, asking you to write something you are grateful for, and it’s one of my favorite things to see in action. Every single person that takes time to think about what’s on their heart Read More »

Lauren, Hannah and I had a great time down in the Outer Banks last week with her parents. It was so much fun to wake up on my birthday to the sunrise over the ocean and the rushing sound of the waves hitting the sand. Thanks to everyone who sent me out birthday wishes. I’ve Read More »

Special Office Hours Our office will be closing Wednesday at 1:00pm for the remainder of the week. We are open for normal hours today and Wednesday morning from 8:30-1:00pm. We will re-open Monday, November 13th for normal business hours. This past weekend, Lauren, Hannah and I traveled to West Point to celebrate the wedding of Read More »

A shared testimony is very powerful. It is authentic from the one who has experienced the change and their heart to share makes a lasting impression on the person they tell. How much more likely are you to try a new restaurant in town when a friend or colleague has told you about the exquisite Read More »

This past weekend I was given an opportunity to travel to San Antonio, Texas to be a part of a team running race called a Ragnar trail race that was sponsored by Young Living Essential Oils Foundation. The race took place over a 27 hour continuous period and consisted of  a total of 24 guys Read More »

Hey everyone, I am back from an amazing time in Nashville, Tennessee. I got to spend time meeting some amazing guys at the Men’s Advance conference and got to enjoy a pretty cool city in Nashville. I did not go to the Country Music Hall of Fame but I did walk by the Ryland Building, Read More »

Last night, I decided that I was going to make sure I got two of my most important things done early the next morning before I come into Atlas. Those things are my quiet time with God and some form of physical exercise to make me sweat. I knew in order to get both done Read More »

We had such a great time on our annual trip to the Outer Banks with family last week. Hannah was definitely the highlight reel of the trip. From her first trip to the ocean to her floating around the pool like the queen of the Nile, it was a great vacation. Thank you to everyone Read More »